Why Choose Tier One?

We have a unique process, beginning with a proprietary research tool, and a unique service fee structure that offers our client companies a proven “cost of hire” savings. Tier One Executive Search has partnered with client companies to utilize our successful, repeatable process to build out entire management teams for manufacturing companies. 93% of candidates we attract and place as employees for our clients remain contributing members of their teams for at least three years. 77% of placed employees are promoted within 2 years.

In many areas of business, competition increases the sense of urgency and has a tendency to raise the bar on performance. However, in the search business almost the opposite is true, especially at the more senior levels. The professional search industry deals in the most delicate and most volatile elements in existence- people. When dealing with individuals and their careers it is of utmost importance to keep in mind: professionalism, integrity, respect, confidentiality, and ethics, to name a few. When multiple recruiters are involved in conducting the same search, it is likely these factors will be compromised.

Top candidates tend to be bombarded by various recruiters presenting them with opportunities. These are top candidates because they are proven performers, and they are very busy. They cannot afford to spend time with multiple recruiters discussing the same opportunity, especially if each recruiter is presenting the opportunity differently, which is often the case. For most sought-after candidates, if multiple recruiters contact them for the same position, they will not consider that position.

Another factor to consider is your own convenience. When working with multiple search firms the employer tends to carry the responsibility of sorting out the candidates, settling disputes between search firms on who presents a candidate first, worrying that the recruiters are presenting the same candidates to other companies. When working exclusively with one search firm, the exclusivity goes both ways - you work with one search firm and the candidates are presented only to you.

Also, when working exclusively with one search firm, there is a level of accountability that is not present when there are multiple firms engaged on the same search. One firm is responsible for arranging all interviews, one firm is asking the same questions of each candidate, and one firm is held accountable if any difficulties arise, or the search criteria changes.

If you are comfortable with the capabilities of the search firm you have selected to partner with, then using them as the only provider makes the most business sense. If you are not comfortable with a search firm's capabilities, you are better oft finding another firm, and using them exclusively instead of throwing the search out to the masses.

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