Organizational Values

Welcome Back!

It’s officially spring! Last week many of us travelled somewhere or at least paused what we were doing indoors to be present outdoors for the total eclipse, which was a very cool thing to experience! Also, this past weekend, we hit 80 degrees in Detroit and I don’t think that many people complained about it! We are busy getting our outdoor spaces cleaned up from the wreckage that winter left behind. Mowing and edging, cleaning out gutters, firepits, and even weeding and planting flowers and/or vegetable gardens. Setting up our picnic tables, servicing our bicycles, and perhaps making our first bonfire of the season using branches and leaves we collected while cleaning up. Catching up with neighbors who are also doing outdoor work. The warmth of the sun feels so nice on our skin and the warmer weather even changes the things we have the taste for. Instead of soup and hot coffee or tea, we are craving salads and ice cold lemonade or sweet tea. These seasonal rituals are part of what makes up “The American Dream,” and are one of the things we value most in life. We hope that you are enjoying these first weeks of spring, wherever you are. Click below to see what we have to share about organizational values….

April 2024 Newsletter – “Organizational Values”