Other Services

Salary Surveys

With the rise of new legislation at the state and municipal levels prohibiting the act of asking a candidate about his or her compensation, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate through the competitive compensation waters. Tier One can supply targeted salary information for various geographies, markets, and disciplines on an hourly rate basis, or capped total project fee basis. Contact us for more information.

Candidate Market Mapping

Tier One can supply talent mapping information for a particular industry, market, specific organization, and/or geography. Contact us for more information. 

Cultural Assessment & Mapping

Our proprietary assessment tool, The Orxestra® Methodology, can help you explore the culture in your organization. In particular, the assessment explores two critical questions: How strong is the culture? To what extent does the culture support organizational agility? The underlying assumption – supported by the research – is that in a fluid and rapidly-changing business environment both clarity and flexibility are demanded.

Leadership Consulting

For over 40 years, companies all over the world have relied on TRANSEARCH to build successful leadership teams. TRANSEARCH’s Leadership Consulting Team creates organization-specific leadership strategies, which allows organizations to implement the business strategy and realize growth ambitions. This enhances performance by improving the effectiveness of the Executive Leadership, and thereby of the organization.

TRANSEARCH’s consulting solutions are delivered by highly experienced professionals who have access to research-based intellectual property, methodologies and cutting-edge tools. Leadership Consulting is a global practice, offering consulting in the following areas amongst others:

  • CEO & Top Team Effectiveness
  • High Potential Identification
  • Leadership Development/Coaching
  • Leadership Assessment during M & A

Board Services

With increasing understanding and literacy of the functioning of boards by company stakeholders: from shareholders, regulators, customers, employees, media, boards must run themselves effectively and properly, and must be seen to do so.

With a proven methodology in governance fields TRANSEARCH International is able to encompass the rapidly changing areas of corporate governance and board effectiveness when assisting our clients.

At TRANSEARCH International we realise that having an effective board is a strategic advantage and a challenging task to achieve. We address this challenge by effectively contributing to corporate governance policies and assisting in building the most efficient and reliable board. In establishing the most effective board skill variety and cultural balance, as well as decision-making capabilities.