What Separates Us From the Pack


In-depth sector experience combined with a unique approach to talent acquisition allows us to build winning relationships with both clients and candidates


With offices in almost 50 different countries, we have a strong world presence of specialists while maintaining detailed local knowledge.


We are a proud vetted member of the worldwide Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC). AESC members are ethical, experienced and committed to excellence. Trust and integrity are at the core of a successful relationship and a successful search and so clients are wise to choose gold-standard AESC firms.


We are able to measure and evaluate candidates in a way that no other search firm can. We use the TRANSEARCH Orxestra® Method (developed by John O. Burdett) to measure five different types of fit which guard against costly mis-hires.


We work closely with our clients to enable us to really tell their story, to know what it is like to be part of high performing teams and to be an ambassador for our clients when speaking with prospective candidates.


We strive for not only client satisfaction but also client loyalty – that is why each of our offices conduct a quality performance review after completion of our searches. We are proud to say that more than three-quarters of our clients have indicated that they will use our services again and have given us the highest rating in our surveys.